Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 28)

It would take time for the prospectors to filter the methane and inject the volatile gas into the thruster fuel cells. So Magnuss,  Nennigross, and Lucian left Fang with Julian and Catford, and then went to stretch their legs…

Lucian asked Magnuss for his opinion concerning the likelihood of success for his plan.

Magnuss paused at an intersection between compartments – or ‘rooms’ as they are known aboard flying saucers. “Well,” he said, as he cast his mind back to earlier adventures…

…”up until this moment it has been a case of ‘so far, so good’. So I guess it’s looking pretty hopeful. And these prospectors are no amateurs: they know what they’re doing.”

This made both Lucian and Nennigross feel much happier. So when it was announced that the worm hole had been detected, and that the thrusters were carrying the flying saucer towards a rendezvous with it…


…neither of them pooped in their pants with fear.

Soon the flying saucer became ensnared in the worm hole’s gravity field, and before anyone could think of anything meaningful to say at such a momentous…er…moment, this happened…

And in almost no time at all, the occupants of the former attack vessel found themselves looking at an entirely different star scape…

“Ooh, pretty.” Fang opined.

Catford and Nennigross couldn’t disagree with their boyfriend’s pet – as, indeed, couldn’t Julian and Lucian either – even if it meant the writing of some diabolical grammar.

But as the terrestrials aboard ship stared with wonder at the new panorama, the prospectors were hard at work. Within minutes they had detected a nearby (and disturbingly dark) planet.

“That’s the one.” Brock stated loudly. “We have just enough thruster juice left for a landing there.”

So five minutes later…

…retro-thrusters were slowing the saucer’s descent towards the planet’s dark surface, where all that anyone could see was…

…dark skies and black mountains.

Fang managed to express everyone’s feelings about their new ‘home’:

“Not so pretty.” He squeaked.

And when they opened the twin airlocks…

…and looked outside…

…they could see nothing beyond the illumination thrown by the landing lights. It was an inauspicious moment as they rode the ramp down to the surface…

And, rather than see themselves as brave adventurers, they were a very nervous bunch of earplugs indeed.

“Oh cripes.” Magnuss said. “I have a very bad feeling about this. I don’t like it here. Can we take off again, please?”

The End (for now)

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




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