Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 16)

Torlet kept his hand firmly upon the throttle as the former museum exhibit roared and bellowed across the void…

But then something that should have been impossible, happened. The motor coughed twice, and then died, leaving the saucer to float onwards with only momentum to carry it along…

Galve Mullion’s face dropped…

…as his gaze took in the fuel gauge that read ’empty’.

“But, but…” he stammered, “there should be plenty of fuel left.”

And as the ship began to pitch and roll, he added: “Sod it!”

In the higher realm the Supreme Being was apoplectic with confused rage…

He even steamed-up his spectacles.

“How?” He screamed. “How could my unnaturally selected earplugs get it so wrong? Who is responsible for this disaster?”

If the Supreme Being hadn’t steamed-up his spectacles he would have seen those responsible clamber from their hiding places and make for the hold exit hatch…

“Fang’s sensitive balance mechanism and powerful nose reckons that the ship has lost power.” Lucian said as the emergency lighting glowed warmly. “I’m no expert, but I think our added weight may have caused a miscalculation in fuel consumption. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we could be lost in space – forever!”

“All the more reason to get on the radio.” Catford replied. “Maybe the Museum can send up a rescue party.”

Meanwhile, far away upon the planet Mars…

…upon which vast sand storms could blow for months…

…the Martians (assigned to assist the curator of the Future Museum of Mars, Frisby Mumph, in his task of transforming that dead planet into a living, breathing world) all stood and looked into a huge hole that they had recently bored into the planetary crust…

…and they didn’t look best-pleased.

To be continued.

© Paul Trevor Nolan




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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2 Responses to Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 16)

  1. Jayne higgs says:

    Oh Mr supreme being what is going on up there.They have got themselves in a right pickle……Great story.

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