Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 15)

By chance Nennigross and the others had entered the secret hangar, and equally by chance her youthful ears caught Wilhelm’s exclamation of joy, as his powerful voice echoed through from the second hangar…

“Quick,” she whispered, “they’re about to do something significant: let’s hide somewhere and await developments.”

Moments later she led the others into the second hangar, and whilst the prospectors were busy re-fitting the thrusters to their chosen flying saucer, Nennigross had everyone stow away in the meagre hold…

The others were happy to follow Nennigross’s lead, but Fang had his doubts. Doubts grew into concern when Catford shoved him into a futuristic triangular packing crate and told him to stay put, keep quiet, and not produce any excrement.

And he was positively horrified when the members of his earplug pack began following suit. Nennigross was the first to try a futuristic packing case for size.

“It’s a bit cramped.” She confessed. “But it’s ever so futuristic. Right, everybody: inside now.”

Far away, in another realm, the Supreme Being was watching events unfold in the Museum of Future Technology. And all he could think of to say was…

“Duh? What the heck are these dumb-ass earplugs doing? I hope they aren’t gonna screw up my experiment.”

For, little did the prospectors know, but their escapade had been authored by none other than the Supreme Being himself. He’d had a bet with some other higher life forms about natural selection. He advocated that it had no place in the behavior of sentient beings. So, to prove his point, he’d sabotaged the prospector’s ship…

…so they would need to live by their wits. Their success would prove that unnatural selection – earplugs created by himself – would always be superior to naturally occurring earplugs – such as the dim-wits that inhabited the museum. Now, it appeared, those dim-wits were in danger of spoiling his game.

Whilst this explanation of the situation was being typed, the prospectors had fired up the thrusters on their chosen flying saucer…

“Looking good.” The pilot, Torlet Trubbles, informed his assistant engineer, Galve Mullion. Then he asked: “Have you calculated the precise amount of fuel we’ll require to achieve the correct trajectory?”

“I have.” Galve replied with confidence. “I’ve added up our combined weight; added a few grams for luck; and concluded that we have just enough aboard to get us to the point in space where we can engage the star drive.”

“Did you check the hold?” Brock enquired from his seat in the next compartment – or ‘room‘ as they are known aboard flying saucers.

“I did.” Galve assured his leader. “There were a few light-weight futuristic packing cases in there. I allowed for them in my calculations.”

“Jolly good.” Brock replied. “Torlet, you may launch when ready.”

A split second later…

…the saucer launched so quickly that its speed made it appear that two suns blazed in the azure sky at the same time.

“Wheee!” They all cried out as the ship climbed quickly.

“Outer space coming up.” Torlet announced  as he peered out of the driver’s porthole. “Golly, these Mark Five thrusters sure do kick ass.”

Then the former End Cap invasion vessel…

…burst out of the atmosphere – into the vacuum of space.

“Hoorah!” Everyone cheered.

To be continued…

©Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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