Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 13)

It was Galve Mullion and Torsten Gobbfist who took the lead as the prospectors made their way through a labyrinth of corridors through which the map guided them towards their goal…

And they continued to lead…

…even when the museum security decided to go the emerald alert.

“Holy carp,” Galve exclaimed, “that nearly made me have an accident in my boxer shorts!”

Torsten would have been equally startled, but the thought of Galve experiencing a lavatorial accident in his company took his mind off the subject of the emerald alert like an unexpected kick in the groin or being hurled from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Of course there were other earplugs abroad in the silvery corridors of the Museum of Future Technology…

…but they were used to such situations. In fact, in their experience, an emerald alert amounted to little more than a dropped ice cream cone in the cafeteria or a male earplug missing the urinal whilst taking a drunken tiddle. So they took no notice, and failed utterly to spot the prospectors making their way to freedom…

Then, suddenly the prospectors had arrived at their destination…

…and they were totally wowed by the video playback in the foyer.

“Where’s the front door?” Torlet Trubbles demanded as he consulted an accompanying guide-book eagerly. “Ah, here it is. Let’s go!”

Seconds later they stood outside the entrance to the flying saucer exhibit…

…where Buddy Napalm began to doubt the wisdom of their intended act: “What if we get caught? Perhaps if we asked first…” He warned.

But Tufty Jetski told him to shove his concerns up his nose,and then duly marched into…

…a secret flying saucer hangar, where he, and the others, were mightily impressed. But whilst most of the group attempted to search the flying saucer’s hull to find the location of flying saucer’s main thrusters, Tufty and Galve noticed an adjoining room…

…into which they entered without hesitation…

…and found manna from heaven.

To be continued…

©Paul Trevor Nolan




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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