Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 11)

Meanwhile the ageing thespian, Sir Dodger Muir, and the former children’s TV actor, Bert Frogget – best known as Aquaplug – were being interviewed on live television by the museum’s TV reporter, Rupert Piles…

Sir Dodger was in the middle of a witty anecdote, when he was interrupted by…

…the passing multiple feet of the trans-galactic prospectors as they went about their urgent, self-appointed task.

“I say,” he quipped to camera, “have you ever seen such a group of handsome fellows? They remind me of when I was in repertory theatre several decades past. Of course I was somewhat more lithe and handsome myself, back then…” But he stopped talking when he realised that Rupert had swung his camera around…

…and was shooting the departing strangers. By chance some Junior RoboSecGuas were watching the program in the security suite…

Naturally they brought the appearance of the prospectors to their superior, EvilRoboSecGua…

…who didn’t like the look of them, and decided to investigate.

Meanwhile the prospectors had arrived in the Fort Balderdash exhibit, where Plopper O’Hooligan and Benjamin Booger watched them pass by…

They continued to watch from a high vantage point as the silver-suited new-comers approached Mister Plop, who happened to be there for no reason at all…

“Wow, you sure smell bad.” Brock observed. “Did something crawl inside your underpants and die?”

In response to this Mister Plop regaled them with the tale of how he’d been overwhelmed by a tidal wave of effluent some two years past, and how bacteria in the filth had re-animated him, and now kept him alive. “Unfortunately it’s really pongy.” He finished.

“That’s too bad.” Brock said, rather carelessly – or so thought the watching Plopper and Benjamin. He then added: “I don’t suppose you know where we can find a functioning space craft that’s capable of interstellar flight, do you?”

To which Mister Plop replied: “Yeah, sure, you weird orange guy: let me draw you a map.”

And the purple and green earplugs continued to watch and listen when the prospectors formed a circle to discuss the map that Mister Plop had so expertly drafted for them – like the former gravedigger that he was…

© Paul Trevor Nolan

To be continued…


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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