Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 6)

Since they were already beside the Anton Twerp gallery, it didn’t take long before the quintet stood at the main entrance…

..from where an image of the eponymous artist glared down at them.

After entering the gallery they casually strolled through an exhibit of paintings and sculptures. They were quite taken with ‘The Enigmatic Alien’…

But other displays, such as ‘Ground Zero’…

…where, it seemed to them all, that it somehow managed to convey the image of an earplug inviting a nuclear strike, left them chilled to the marrow. And others such as ‘Negative Lovers’…

…made their eyes boggle. In fact it hurt them so much that they attempted to flee though a locked emergency exit…

…which would have been fortuitous (had they been successful) because Fang chose that moment to use his God-given plugmutt right to evacuate his bowel without prior warning.

“Move. Move.” Nennigross hissed to the others. “Fang’s got the squits, and I didn’t bring any poop bags with me.”

But the situation didn’t improve measurably. Soon they found themselves being pursued by a two-dimensional representation of a wild creature from the planet Scroton…

And it was with great relief that the disoriented group of young earplugs finally managed to escape through the official exit…

“Well,” said Catford as she peered at the outside world through eyes that had never been so boggled before in her life, “at least we managed to avoid the over-priced souvenir shop!”

“Yeah.” Nennigross agreed. “And I just hope that someone, somewhere, is having a nicer afternoon than we are.”

To be continued…

©Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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