Clive Thunderbolt: Kindle-man!

As the title suggests, good old Clive Thunderbolt has arrived on the Amazon Kindle (U.K). Also (U.S). So, henceforth, his books will appear upon Amazon sites. And this is what they look like…

And here’s a snippet from the first book, Captive Echo…

“You called me Doctor Marcus.” Katherine said, as though those five words explained everything.

Janice chose to play dumb. “Yes? So? What of it?”

“I’m thirty-five years old.” Katherine all but wailed. “I’ve striven for twenty years to gain the right to work toward a doctorate: but I was born into the wrong village. Despite everything I did – and everyone I forced myself to sleep with – I was always going to be denied. If I live to be a hundred and thirty-five I shall never bear the title ‘Doctor’ Marcus. Surely you must know that. Why are you being so cruel to me?”

Janice’s mouth fell open in surprise. She swallowed several times.

Clearly the woman is as mad as a hatter’, she thought, ‘I think I might need some help here’.

But before she could respond, Katherine clasped her hands together nervously – so hard that they almost knotted. She spoke, but it seemed more for her benefit than Janice’s:

“Then they were right: there is another project. But how could I be a doctor here? Surely things couldn’t be that different.” She then spoke urgently to Janice. “Tell me – has Peter Wozniak anything to do with Wycksford?”

Despite her doubts, something in the urgency of Katherine’s inquiry got through to Janice. The first trace of doubt concerning Katherine’s true identity began creeping into her mind. She mellowed her approach:

“No – and I’ll tell you why,” She said almost gently, “Because there is no Wycksford: at least not around here.”

Katherine shook her head in denial. “No that can’t be right.” She said. “I was in Brambledown yesterday. That village was as it should be: Wycksford must be too!” Then imploringly to Janice, she cried, “Surely you must know it. The Scientific Community. It’s been here for generations!”

“Not in my generation.” Janice snapped.

Then she found her mind cast back to the previous day. She was looking down at the preposterous map spread across the bonnet of Wozniak’s car. A town, or perhaps a village named Wycksford was clearly marked upon it. She tried to recall exactly whereabouts. If her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her, she would swear it was almost exactly upon the location currently inhabited by Carstairs Research and Development. She said, “Do you know of a place called Droxfield?”

Katherine’s eyes lit up. “Yes! Yes! I was born there! So you know it too?”

Janice took a few moments to think, before continuing, “No – at least not by personal experience.” she said at length. “Only upon printed paper.”

Katherine didn’t inquire further: she could see the multitude of calculations churning around inside the mind of the older woman standing before her. She waited with eager patience.

© Paul Trevor Nolan


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