Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnicent Earplugs (Part 27)

Anton handed Valentine two prison raps sheets.

“Take a look at these.” He urged.

So Valentine complied…


“Meet Erroneous Bosche.” Anton continued. “The Sloshed Antlers I.D reads Galvaston Seawinds; but that was just an alias. He never told the warden his real name. Likewise his sidekick…


…isn’t called Henry Toadturd at all. He is, in fact, none other that Hellfire McWilliams.”

“That name doesn’t mean squat to me.” Valentine confessed. “Why’s he so special? How can he help get us past a force field? But most important of all – where are these guys right now?”

“Locked away in a place that exists within my fertile imagination.” Anton replied – Valentine thought ‘rather cryptically‘. “Wanna go there and fetch them both?

Time was critically short. Valentine didn’t hesitate for a second. So two seconds later…


…they discovered Erroneous and Hellfire in conversation with two accidental captives of Twerpland – Mister Pong and Bronson Caks, who had both fallen through a crack between realities when they’d tried to grab themselves a free ice cream cone when the ice cream cone seller was distracted by an enormous Mastodon tusk that hit her on the head when the region of the museum, in which her ice-cream van stood, momentarilly existed in an ice cave from the distant past.

“You want out of here, huh?” Anton addressed the two burglars. “That aint gonna happen unless you agree to perform a little act for me. And if you refuse, life here is gonna get a whole lot worse. Like this…


…Can you dig it?”

“What sort of act?” Hellfire inquired.

“Shut up, Hellfire.” Erroneous snapped at his partner. To Anton he said: Whatever it is, we’ll do it. I can’t stand it here:  there’s no one to rob: I have no underpants: and it’s so damned cold!”

So it was a happy band of earplugs…


…that departed Anton Twerp’s personal bubble universe.

A short while later…


…Mister Pong invited Bronson Caks to join him for some of his daughter’s delicious egg foo yung; whilst Erroneous and Hellfire were led away in the opposite direction. Then…


…it was on with the task.

“You want what?” An incredulous Hellfire blurted. “We’re burglars: not directed energy manipulation engineers. It can’t be done!”

Cushions noticed that Erroneous remained silent – his eyes staring blindly into some invisible realm. “Mister Bosche?” She queried.

“Maybe it can.” He said quietly.

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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