Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 24)

But that wasn’t all…


Some recent arrivals at the museum had decided to visit the Fort Balderdash exhibit. They were in the process of traversing the fake desert, when…


…they walked straight into another time shard that transported them to an era in which this particular display depicted an ice age.

“Yeech.” The visitor with a thin blouse yelped. “Where did that bitter wind come from?”

Of course none of them recognized the event for what it was, and expected the climate control computer to kick in. But, after a few minutes of arctic weather…


…the group huddled together for mutual warmth.

“Just don’t touch me, Brian.” One of them said. “You have greasy palms and foul breath.”

But, of course, the computer didn’t respond, and help didn’t come quite as quickly as they would have hoped for, and before much longer they had slumped into…



But even more remarkably, the time shards appeared to spread out in all directions like a four-dimensional pebble thrown into the lake of infinity.  The town in which Erroneous Bosche and Hellfire McWilliams had elevated burglary to an art form, stood in the grip of winter…


But, as the ripples of time shards reached beyond the walls of the Museum of Future Technology, that same town was plunged into deepest summer…


…and a confused populace were pleased as punch because they could turn off their central heating systems.

Elsewhere other earplugs were less pleased. A young couple were really annoyed when the nudist camp in which they were frolicking naked became snowed in…


And Big Purp, who was holidaying upon some equatorial salt flats…


…discovered that he was fairly adept at skating.

But even more remarkably, those same waves stretched out through the cosmos, where they interacted with the Ice Planet. Marnus Pongfinger, Uda Spritzer, and several other self important members of the ruling elite were out and about discussing an extension to the subterranean city…


The snow storm through which they waded was rudely interrupted by an abrupt bout of…


…brilliant sunshine and a tropical heat wave that originated, either in the planet’s distant past, or some unknowable future.

“Heck!” Marnus exploded. “At this rate we’ll have to make an extension to a submarine city!”

But most remarkably of all was the fact that the waves reached as far as Weird Space – and the planet Scroton…


…where a group of boy scouts became frozen to their camp fire log seats.


“No! No!.” The Scout Master wailed. “We’ll all get piles!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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One Response to Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 24)

  1. Matt Black says:

    Dunno how important Seventh-Heaven
    is to you, earthling… yet, if we DO NOT strive for that, or Purgatory, you for one shall be condemned to the Abyss o’Misery after this existence finite. And I wanna make DAMM sure you’re going Upstairs with me. So, follow along if Seventh-Heaven is #1 on your list; if not, I fear for your indelible soul, lil one. Why? Why should I care about the salvation of the human race? Yes, I was an NDE -AND- I saw the Celestial City from far away. Aint that Treason enuff, earthling?

    No, you DO NOT need to be a bro/nun living a cloistered life; however, what you must do is say these TWO things and totally mean them:

    You believe in Jesus?
    You love everyone else?
    If answered YES to both,
    you’ll join this sinfull mortal Upstairs for the most wildchild experience for time without end.

    God bless your indelible soul.
    cya Upstairs someday…
    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

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