Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 23)

Naturally Chester and Miles wanted to see for themselves. Chester was quickest, and so leapt upon the Omnipresent Scanner…


…and what he saw astonished him. For there, right in front of him, swam this image…


“What is it?” Miles called as he witnessed a thousand emotions cross his brother’s face.

“It’s…it’s…” Chester stammered in reply. “It’s a sentinel robot. A red-eyed sentinel robot!”

“But I thought they’d all been either destroyed or packed off to the future, with their metaphysical tails between their metaphorical legs!” Miles exclaimed. Then, more thoughtfully, he added: “What’s it doing?”

Chester strained to see from an alternative angle…


“It seems to be operating some sort of power transfer device.” He said nervously. “And I’m not entirely certain it has complete control over it.”

Then, annoyingly, Chester lost control of the scanner. Instead of showing events inside the duplicate museum, now the view shifted to…


…the proper museum. And when the view shifted to the interior, Chester was surprised to see the two former zombies, Vic and Bob, running gaily upon the Wide Blue Yonder with their weightlifter girlfriends, Mandy and Candy…


Moments later he stood stock still in astonishment as…


…the surface of the Wide Blue Yonder became fluid.

“Oh Vic,” Mandy squealed loudly above the strange sounds of sub-atomic fabric contorting beneath massive temporal pressures, “what’s happening, dearest?”

“I think,” Vic yelled back as they began to run to the perceived safety of the nearby storage area…


…”that time is being effected on a localised level.”

“What?” Bob exclaimed, “Like time shards breaking off of the temporal core, you mean?”

“Er, yes, I suppose I am.” Vic replied.

“Is that safe?” Candy asked reasonably enough.

“I’m no temporal engineer.” Vic replied, “But at an educated guess I’d say almost certainly not. Run: run really fast!”

Seconds later Chester sighed a breath of relief as the foursome made it to the sanctuary of some high octane petrol storage tanks…


Concerned for the safety of the entire museum, Miles had Buttox recalibrate the scanner so that they could all look at several more locations. Locations such as the main thoroughfare…


…along which strolled Anton Twerp and the subterranean siblings, Cray-Zee and Gray-Vee.

“So,” Gray-Vee asked, “were these burglars that you caught really handsome?”

Anton didn’t really want to answer what could be such an incendiary question.

“I don’t really want to answer what could be such an incendiary question.” He replied. “People might question my taste in burglars. And, as an artist, I can’t afford to be questioned upon my taste on any subject.”

Cray-Zee was about to suggest that Anton stop being a ‘big nancy’, and act like a male earplug, when suddenly…


…Anton was surprised to find himself standing outside the fish and chip shop. What was doubly surprising was the fact that it was closed. Surprise piled upon surprise as he witnessed the Jaundice Family hurry by, en route to the exit…


“But…but…” Anton said to himself, “…this happened several days ago. I must have gone back in time and occupied my earlier body! What could do that? Time shards, perhaps?”

Then, just as suddenly, Anton was back where (and when) he belonged…


“I think,” the humbled artist said to the siblings who hadn’t realised that he’d disappeared until be returned, “that we – and by using the term ‘we‘ I actually mean the museum  – are in heap big ka-ka!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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