Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 17)

Erroneous’s mind was in sudden turmoil. He felt as though a spot light had picked him out in the shadows…


But as he looked around the room he realised that he was being silly. Clearly his sub-conscious was playing games with him. Burgling was like riding a bicycle: you never forget how to do it, but it takes a little practise to do it well and with confidence that you won’t fall off and graze your knees.


So as he calmed himself, he went looking for something to pilfer…


…whilst Hellfire tried the basement…


…where he found something that had him calling Erroneous to join him…


“I recognise this.” Hellfire informed his partner in crime. “It’s called ‘The Yeti Wot’s Scared of Wheat Fields’. It’s a relatively recent work. I like it.”

“Great.” Erroneous grumbled. “Is it worth anything?”

“Not outside the Museum of Future Technology.” Hellfire replied. “But inside it, it could be priceless.”

Understandably, comprehension eluded Erroneous. He said as much when he uttered: “You what?”

So Hellfire showed him another painting…


“Flipping heck!” Erroneous exploded verbally. “Is that the original Anton Twerp work?”

When Hellfire confirmed Erroneous’s suspicion, his unfounded fears began to reassert themselves, and he felt that perhaps it might have been a good idea to burgle another apartment.

“I’ve heard rumours about Anton Twerp.” He said with an uncharacteristic tremor in his voice, and a quiet chuffing sound emitting from somewhere in the seat of his pants. “He’s weird – with strange  artistic powers and the mind of a super being.”

Hellfire was about to scoff, when suddenly he and Erroneous realised that they must have accidentally tripped some security device. Because…


…the lights came on – and there, standing before them, was the angry-looking museum artist – Anton Twerp himself.

“Grrrr!” He growled. “I’m gonna make you wish you’d stayed in Sloshed Antlers, you pair of gits.”

With that he chased them through his personal art gallery…


…and as they rushed past a beautifully framed monochrome print of ‘Target: Earplug‘, they thought that they might stay ahead of the rabid artist just long enough for him to suffer a myocardial infarction. But hoped  quickly faded…


…when the very artistic powers that Erroneous had most feared, manifested themselves, and (with his mind) Anton sent both burglars into an alternate realm – his very own private bubble universe…


“Urk!” They said together.

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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