Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 12)

Well what Erroneous had spotted with is Eagle-eyes was…


…a cozy-looking wooden house with a tall brick chimney, from which belched wood smoke. The house had a single large window that looked out upon the world…


…through which a pair of lumberjacks peered…


… and whose choice in décor was a little ‘odd’. One of them spotted Erroneous and Hellfire…


“Quickly,” he yelped, “turn off the lights: they might spot us and ask to come in!”

Of course the unnamed lumberjack had been correct: Erroneous had spotted them. He’d also noted the sudden extinguishing of the interior light, and had read the inference accurately…


“Forget it.” He said to Hellfire. “We’re not welcome here. Well sod ’em, that’s what I say. We can get by perfectly well without their sort.”

And so they proceeded towards lower elevations…


…where trees grew in profusion, and offered them shelter from the incessant mountain winds.

“This is much better.” Hellfire opined…


But he said no more because he was so surprised that the snow thinned sufficiently to allow the moon to shine. But then…


…he got the distinct feeling that he wanted a poop. And it was just as his suffering began to spoil the entire day that a fog rolled in…


…which, amazingly, exposed the only mountain lavatory for miles and miles around…


“Let’s hope they have some soft toilet tissue.” He said as he rushed inside – leaving Erroneous to stand guard – just in case the cubicle door lock didn’t work. Then it was back into the icy wasteland…


…and the hope that their situation would soon improve.

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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