Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 3)


“Weird Space.” Magnuss said breathlessly. “I’ve heard so much about it; but I never dreamt that I would see it with my own eyes.”

“Yeah,” Hair-Trigger replied. “Me too. I think now might be the right time to go see the captain.”

And indeed it was, so before long Captain Sinclair Brooch was somewhat surprised to see two of the Museum’s most popular celebrities standing before him…


“We have some desperately important information for you, Sheriff Brooch.” Magnuss began. “We’ve travelled from the future to bring it to you. It’s about the planet that you are approaching…


…The people living there are a polymer life form that have only recently reached a level of technological civilisation, which is, by our standards, simplistic and rudimentary.”

“So far – so good.” Hakking Chestikov said from his seat beside Sinclair. “Yet I get the nastiest feeling in my bowels that worse is to come.”

“Yeah.” Hair-Trigger replied. “It sure is. But first Magnuss has to set out his stall, so to speak. So kindly shut your cake hole.”

“They’re much like ourselves.” Magnuss continued as he began handing out colour photographs to anyone willing to look . “They like to stroll hand in hand beneath a star-filled sky and talk of inconsequentials.”…


“They enjoy descending romantic, self-illuminating staircases. They like to launch tactical nuclear missiles”…


“They have wonderful  iconic figureheads in the shape of heavily plumed religious leaders”…


But worst of all – as far as the K T Woo is concerned – is the fact that they have strange flying machines of unknown origin in their atmosphere…


…and even stranger ones defending them in outer space”..


Magnuss then delivered the metaphorical coup de grace. He showed them video evidence that featured the glowing radioactive remnants of what had once been the pride of Worstworld…


Before speaking Sinclair found it necessary to gulp several times and adjust his dress uniform where it had slipped into the crack between his buttocks.


“What do you want from us, Magnuss?” He asked.

Fortunately the heroic young earplug knew exactly what he wanted.

© Paul Trevor Nolan





About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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