Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 2)

Hair-Trigger had never used the Tunnel Temporale before; so she was stunned into near catatonia by the sight of the bridge and crew, still alive and well, at the opposite end of the tunnel…


“There they are.” She screamed almost incoherently as she recovered her intellectual processes. “Quick, let’s go tell ’em about their terrible mistake.”

“No!” Magnuss bellowed as he reached out to restrain his partner in adventure. “This isn’t the right time. We have to arrive at an earlier period. No one must see us until the moment to strike is upon us.”

So they paused in their advance along the tunnel until Magnuss yelled: “Now!”

A split second later the two earplugs found themselves standing in darkness…


“Ooh-er,” Magnuss whispered nervously, “I hadn’t anticipated this. I wonder where we are.”

As if in answer to his half-question, motion sensors switched on the lighting for him…


“This must be the main hold.” Hair-Trigger said chirpily. “I’d heard they didn’t have time to fill it because of the ship’s hurried departure – when Cushions thought the K T Woo might fall into the hands of that tragic Mister Zinc and his band of thugs.”

Magnuss quickly warmed to the idea of living for several days in an unused ship’s hold.

“Oh look,” He cried as he dragged Hair-Trigger along, “It’s a window on space!”


Hair-Trigger was also thrilled. But she didn’t forget the curators, who must surely be watching them upon the Omnipresent Scanner back in the Museum of Future Technology. So she swapped places with Magnuss, and waved in the direction that she estimated the scanner would be…er…scanning them…


…and hoped that it wouldn’t follow them into the toilet.

But after a couple of days whooshing through the vastness of interstellar space, with nothing to do, Magnuss and Hair-Trigger began to grow slightly bored…


…even when the ship made some course corrections, and consequently leaned over slightly. And they found that the sheer vastness of the hold…


…oppressed them and chilled both their feet and their souls. So they dared risk discovery by creeping out of their hideaway during the ‘night shift’…


Naturally their ‘explorations’ grew bolder with each passing ‘day’ aboard  ship. But when they decided to visit the more active Deck Three, they were discovered…


…by one of the ship’s engineering robots – a G’neerbot named Douglas.

“I know you: you’re famous, you are.” Douglas said without preamble. “I know for a fact that you were not aboard ship when we launched. Explain your presence here.”

This was just the situation that Magnuss had most feared. He decided to take a chance by telling Douglas the whole story. The robot was cybernetically horrified.

“I’m cybernetically horrified.” Douglas confessed. “As a result I’m losing hydraulic fluid as we speak. The situation must be rectified. How can I aid your mission?”

Hair-Trigger didn’t waste a second in authoring a polite response. Without restraint she answered: “Keep your gob shut: tell no one about us – unless we ask you to: and bring me a Bakewell Tart, some hot custard; and a change of underwear from the laundrette: my caks are getting filthy.”

For a while Magnuss and Hair-Trigger went back to the hold window – where a subtle alteration in the brightness of the void beyond the hull…


…had them scurrying to their favourite window on Deck Four…


…through which they saw…

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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