Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Thirty-Nine)

If nothing else, Captain Sinclair Brooch’s wife was utterly realistic. When a vast alien sphere of unimaginable power locks its primary armament upon your worthless turd of a ship, destruction is absolutely assured. It cannot be avoided. And when this happened…


…she usurped her husband’s chain of command, and (rather belatedly) gave the order to…


…abandon ship. But it was too late. Far too late. Way too late. Because even as the crew stood around in a mental fog, the ship’s screens were trying to absorb the fantastic energies that assailed them…


But as excellent as they were, the screens were no match for the power that was poured upon them by an unknown alien technology. A split second after Hakking Chestikov pulled up his trousers and hit the ‘flush’ lever on the bridge toilet, this happened…


…as the K T Woo’s fuel tanks ruptured, and the vessel was torn into several million component parts by the resulting explosion. And had the watching Curators, back on Earth, in the  Museum of Future Technology…


…not been stunned into imbecility, they would have seen a strange triangular vessel barrel-roll away in a celebration of victory…


The ageing thespian, Sir Dodger Muir, who had been watching from the wings, was the first to react…


His eyes turned bloodshot as rage tried to consume him. “Vengeance!” He roared. “We must have vengeance!”

Cushions Smethwyke reacted in a slightly more responsible manner…


“This may appear catastrophic,”  she said as curators crowded around to listen to her calming words, “but this is the Museum of Future Technology. We have stuff in this place that comes from all over space and time. There must be some way we can un-do what we’ve just witnessed. Well I’m telling you, we have. And I know exactly who we need to use that futuristic stuff. Someone put a call out for Magnuss Earplug!”

The End (for now)

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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