Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Thirty-Eight)

Fortunately the K T Woo possessed a huge magnet in the back of the football boot locker, and the crew used it to pull…


…the hover pads back to safety.

But by the time they staggered back aboard the star ship, dawn had arrived in the Old Quarter…


…where, in the sky above it, something huge and spherical appeared menacingly…


Sinclair Brooch wasted no time in conference with his leading officers. Instead he had the ship slip quietly back into orbit. But even there he found that the K T Woo was not alone…


The vast spherical object had followed close behind. Then, as the ship went to Amarillo Alert…


…two huge areas upon the vast spherical object’s side became bright and intensely frightening, like a pair of hideous eyes. And awe-struck bridge crew stared in horror…


Then Ada Muffin came to her senses long enough to note…


…an incoming missile.

“Captain.” She yelled over the rumbling of gas-filled internal organs, “Screens up. Red Alert!”


At this point professional decorum collapsed, and everyone huddled together for mutual support…


…except Hakking Chestikov, who found it expedient to race to the sole bridge lavatory…


“Evasive.” Sinclair bellowed. “Get us out of here.”

Ada Muffin tried to comply, but then stared in horror as, upon the main viewer, another missile glowed brightly…


“Somebody intercept those missiles – please.” Sinclair yelled.

But no one had expected to go into battle: the main atomic cannon was safely stowed away in the Atomic Cannon Cupboard. All that could be brought to bear was the secondary armament. So that had to do…


And for a moment it seemed that it was enough. Both missiles were destroyed. But then, as more crew spilled on to the bridge:

“Oh bum.” Nancy Brooch said quietly when she spotted a warning from the ship’s computer…


…”I think we’re done for.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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