Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Thirty-Five)

As the Museum of Future Technology’s representative (and de facto First Officer) aboard the K T Woo, Hakking Chestikov felt that it was his duty to accompany Captain Brooch upon his audience with Worstworld’s fountain of computerised knowledge – The Cyber Oracle…


The services of the Cyber Oracle hadn’t been required since the K T Woo first lifted off from its home world a long, long, time ago. As a consequence of this, the Cyber Oracle had grown bored stupid, and had decided to avoid the monotony of existence by going into hibernation.

But as the visitors entered its refuge, it became aware of their presence…


…and did something with its rusty cyber backside that didn’t amuse either of them…


But when Sinclair recovered and managed to explain his quandary to it, it found itself unable to give a definitive reply…


“Ooh-er, I can’t say that I’m sure what you should do. This really is  beyond my experience.” It said hesitantly. “If I think too long upon the subject, my circuitry might explode – and then where would we be? Oh lummy, I’m sorry for being such a useless whelk. You won’t decommission me, will you? I’d hate that. Ask me another question instead. I’m sure I’ll do splendidly.”

So Sinclair and Hakking tried to do the Cyber Oracle’s job for it…


“I think it’s a case of damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.” Sinclair spoke in a whisper.

Hakking wasn’t much help: “Is there a presitent for this type of situation, Sinclair?”

All the while the Cyber Oracle remained hopeful that the two disparate earplugs would make a good and wise decision…


But as their tone grew ever more shrill with desperation, followed by the sound of them making snide remarks to each other, it began to have doubts…


And as they continued to squabble on the way towards the exit…


…the Cyber Oracle sent up a cyber prayer for guidance from the mythological Supreme Being…


…whom, it felt certain, would undoubtedly have said…


…”Yeah, go for it!”

Soon, as the crew awaited their captain’s return…


…Hakking was worried that Sinclair might lie to them. And he had good reason to…


“Ladies and gentlemen.” Sinclair spoke through a broad smile. “The Cyber Oracle has given us its blessing. It’s full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes!”

So, as the old town inhabitants went about their untroubled lives…


…Sinclair called for volunteers.

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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