Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twenty-Eight)

Aboard the K T Woo, Pigpen Shamir looked up from his console…


“You’ll never guess what form of life inhabits that planet, Sir.” He called above the building hub-bub. “Polymer life forms. Imagine that: polymer life-forms. Who has ever heard of something so outlandish?”

Of course someone had…


“Well there was that early episode of ‘Next Stop the Stars‘.” Former museum curator, Hakking Chestikov, recalled. “Chuck Winker’s character was forced to heat up the atmosphere so much that all the polymer beings melted into one amorphous blob, which he then led into an abandoned mine that his Helmsplug had filled with kerosene from a nearby camping site.”

“How did they destroy the amorphous blob?” A vaguely interested Sinclair Brooch inquired.

“His first officer dropped a stick of dynamite down a well, and blew it up.” Hakking replied wistfully.

Sinclair laughed awkwardly at this revelation. “Ha-ha, well let’s hope I don’t have to lead this lot down an abandoned mine.” He said with patently false humour. “With my girth I might not squeeze through the entrance.”

“Indeed.” Hakking returned to the moment. “Let’s hope they let us take what we need and leave in peace – preferably without paying.”

“As far as I can see,” Sinclair said as he eyed the main viewer, “our major stumbling block is how do we introduce ourselves – without looking like invaders from outer space?”

“Yes, it’s a bummer, isn’t it.” Hakking replied whilst nodding sagely. “If only we had Magnuss Earplug along for the ride. He’s a saint you know. He’d sort this problem out in three seconds flat.”

Hakking was interrupted by a communication from the Engine Core…


“Hey, guys.” One of the more familiar G’neerbots called. “It’s getting critical down here. We really need to dip the ship in the ocean.”

With no other option available to him, the former Sheriff of Busted Gut told Betty Grumble to take the ship down. So a few minutes later…


…the  K T Woo plummeted downwards towards the invitingly cool ocean. And before long sat quiescent on the bottom, where the engine core cooled, and hydrogen extraction from the sea water could begin…


It was approximately fifteen minutes into the process, when Bryony Lampshade reported that her antenna was picking up a local TV station…


“Captain,” she screamed, “you really need to see this. It’s an historical piece about the species we’re about to make first contact with. It could give us critical information about how they think; their civilisation; and their offensive capability!”

This was an opportunity too good to miss. In fact it was an opportunity that Sinclair believed he couldn’t afford to miss.

“Put it on the main screen, Bryony.” He bellowed above the cacophony of exclamations. “And someone get me a huge bag of peanuts: I always have a nibble when I watch telly.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan





About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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