Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twenty-Seven)

A short while earlier, far away across the gulfs of space, two inhabitants of the Museum of Future Technology stepped out of their apartment on to the adjacent patio – to find…


“Well would you look at that.” The red earplug said.

It was a surprise arrival; so they took a closer look…


“It’s a giant melon that grew overnight. And the lights have dimmed unexpectedly too.” The purple earplug replied.

“That’s the good old Museum of Future Technology.” The red earplug said with a sigh. “Every day starts weird, then gets weirder. I wonder how weird it’ll get today.”

At the edge of the museum, some new arrivals were…er…arriving at the Transfer Conduit Station…


They looked around themselves in wonderment…


“Wow.” One of them said. “I bet they have great TV ’round here.”

And he wasn’t wrong. Magnuss Earplug, and his beloved former bounty hunter, Hair-Trigger Provost, were, at that precise moment, settling themselves down in Hair-Trigger’s apartment…


…to watch an episode of their favourite television show, entitled…


They squirmed with delight as the titles rolled…


“Oh I do so adore the lead actor.” Hair-Trigger said as the aforementioned appeared on-screen…


“Yes, he’s my favourite too.” Magnuss replied. He then added: “This episode is supposed to be very scary: let’s push our chairs together so we can hold hands.”

So they did…


“That’s better.” He said as the super-advanced projector (that looked like a portrait of the Supreme Being) projected an image of an alien craft upon the screen…


“Who’d want to watch the real thing,” he continued, “when you can watch great fiction like this instead!”

But, of course, there were those whose duty it was to watch ‘the real thing’. And those people were the curators of the museum, who would spend hour after hour seated upon the Omnipresent Scanner with which they watched over their charges –  wherever they might be…


And at that particular moment they were watching the K T Woo’s approach to another planet.


“Ooh-er,” The large-toothed Cushions Smethwyke cried out.” They’re so low on fuel; I can barely bring myself to spectate without fearing the worst and screaming like a demented child.”

“I’m optimistic.” Cheerfull Charlie Chopsticks said from his pedestal beside Cushions. “The good guys always win through in the end. I wonder what type of life-forms live on this particular planet. Anyone care to take a bet they’re reptilian?”

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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