Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twenty-Five)

Although the Long Range Probe discovered nothing overtly alarming along it’s course towards Johnson’s World – so named after it’s discoverer,  Huge Johnson – Captain Sinclair Brooch thought it expedient to place the ship at red alert when they encountered a pocket of (what Pigpen and Sikbag Shamir termed) Weird Space


Sinclair had encountered Weird Space before, and although nothing or any worth had happened before, the very thought of something so different made him vaguely nauseous…


But a short while later the Captain recovered enough for normal illumination to resume upon the bridge. It was then that the ship encountered some space-borne life forms…


Hakking Chestikov recognised them in an instant. “Space Blobs.” He announced. “You only ever find them in Weird Space. They can’t live in normal space: It’s too boring…


Lillie Whitewater, who had moved over to Comms, then yelled…


“I’m receiving a hail from them, Sir.”

“Put them on the main speaker, girl.” Sinclair yelled back. “But in a language that I can understand, naturally.”

“You must stay away from the planets in this system, and make no contact with any intelligent life, except us – that being the creatures you refer to as Space Blobs.” A stentorian voice issued from every speaker aboard ship. “Very flattering, by the way. We like that; Space Blobs. Very descriptive. Failure to adhere to this simple rule will be your undoing. If you ignore  this warning don’t come crying to us if you find your corpuscles scattered across the firmament. Message ends. Now bugger off.”

At first Sinclair felt constrained by the warning. Certainly when the ship encountered it’s first planet in the system…


…he felt no inclination to send a landing party to the surface. But when Hamish reported that the next world appeared to be habitable…


…Sinclair changed his mind. In fact he sent Byron Whipsnaid and Huge Johnson to investigate the possibility of mining fuel there. They chose Gusi Ghandar to drive the hover chariot…


But it was hideously blue. Everything was blue – except the things that were black.

“Yuk!” Byron reported. “Nasty.”

So they drove back to the pick-up point…


…where they collected the landing party back-up team…


…that comprised Blasten Bugret, Plankton Greene, and Sikbag Shamir, who also detested the planetary decor – before being whisked away by the low-flying K T Woo…


As they regained altitude…


…a message from the Engine Core  startled everyone upon the bridge…


“It’s getting awfully hot down here.” The Chief G’neerbot complained. “We’re having to run a very weak mixture on the fuel injectors, and the engines don’t like it. We need to cool ’em down with a nice dash of sea water.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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