Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twenty-Three)

As the Chi-Z-Sox began its search for the K T Woo, its crew had no idea that their sister vessel had fallen into the grip of the same artificial wormhole…


Sadly the K T Woo’s crew were ill-prepared for their change in circumstances…


They shouted, yelled, and screamed with the best of ’em; but any constructive reaction was conspicuous by its absence. Worse still was the fact that Captain Sinclair Brooch had to wait in line for the toilet…


And worst of all Hamish McHaggis felt compelled to admit that he had single-handedly blocked the sole toilet with his nervous droppings.

So instead of having a poop, Sinclair and his green-hued wife, Nancy decided to get some sensor readings on the wormhole…


“Very impressive it is too, Sir.” Blasten Bugret informed his superior. “Look at all these readings: they’re all over the place!”

Unable to understand any of Bugret’s technobabble, Sinclair visited the Position Locator Device…


“Well where do you think we are?” He asked Ada Muffin and Grotty Benson.

Neither Ada nor Grotty felt confidant of their answer, so they smiled enthusiastically and prayed for guidance from the Supreme Being…


…who, by chance, had also been drawn into the wormhole by his close proximity to the Chi-Z-Sox when the accident happened.

“Well the blue dot shows where we should be.” Said Ada.

“And the red dot is where we think we are.” Said Grotty.

Sinclair ruminated upon this for approximately three seconds before Nancy said: “Ah, so a sharp turn to port, and a quick blast of main drive, should put us back on course.”

“Good idea.” Ada agreed. “Shall I leap into the Helmsplug chair and make the course correction, Captain.”

Sinclair had no idea how to respond correctly, so he fell back on his old wild Worstworld ways: “Hell, yeah, little lady. You do whatever your pretty little head thinks is fine and dandy.”

In the time it takes to cry “Havoc”, Ada had made the required manoeuvre, and almost instantaneously the ship was hurled from the un-real realm…


…which, unfortunately, was in the middle of huge nebula…


When, eventually, the K T Woo made its way to the edge of the nebula, and re-entered normal interstellar space…


…those aboard had not a solitary clue that a Hyper-Space Pirate vessel was  cruising between worlds – looking for easy pickings on the trade route there…


Both crews spotted the other ship simultaneously. Unfortunately the journey across the nebula was exhausting, and the K T Woo was cruising in Maintenance Mode whilst the engineers cleaned out the hoo-flung-dung chambers…


In the engine room, the young End Cap engineers rushed to complete their repairs.  The captain went so far as to send Lusti Bellow, John-Douglas Plectrum, and Hakking Chestikov to assist…


The report informing Sinclair that he could re-start the motors came through just in time, because…


…a pirate mother ship chose that moment to sweep in from hyper-space. In an instant two attack craft launched from it…


…and began firing upon the K T Woo…


But the Worstworld vessel was no poorly defended merchantman. It had teeth…


© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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