Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twenty-One)

Meanwhile, in Astrogation, it was necessary for those manning that particular department to travel by Pedestrian Elevator to the deck immediately above when requiring the services of a toilet. On this occasion two of the brilliant young scientists who built the ship – those being Pelvac Throost and Battard Scootum – were returning to their usual deck when a thought occurred  to Battard…


“You know, Pelvac, I think the Prof has metaphorically bitten off more than he can chew.”

Pelvac couldn’t disagree; he was having difficulty keeping his balance as the ship veered in its attempts to avoid enemy fire. “Do you think we should offer him some advice?” He half-asked / half-stated.

But Gout was already helping himself. He’d ordered that the snout of the atomic cannon be pushed out into the slipstream…


“Yes.” Battard answered…


“I think you should leap aboard the Pedestrian Elevator; dash into Astrogation; and give the Captain a call.”

As these words passed Battard’s lips, the atomic cannon…


…let loose with its vengeful energies.


“Good idea.” Pelvac agreed. “I’ll get right on it.”

So, only moments after it was discovered that atomic cannons don’t work in deuterium-rich sea water, Pelvac Throost arrived in Astrogation. He placed an immediate call to the bridge…


“Captain, since we’ve arrived here, the Bussard Collectors have been automatically extracting hydrogen from the surrounding water. We’re all fuelled-up. The tanks are full. We can go up again, Sir.”

Gout felt uncertain about how to respond to this apparently good news.

“Sounds do-able.” Gangies Phalangies said from his position directly behind the Captain’s Chair.

“I concur.” Mister Splat agreed as he entered the bridge from the adjacent lavatory.

So, quickly making a decision, Gout had the Helmsplug alter course…


© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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