Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Seventeen)

Things were not improved aboard the K T Woo as it too was drawn into the deadly whirlpool of super-attenuated neutrons, or whatever unstable wormholes are made of…


In fact its entire bridge crew were feeling decidedly ‘ikky’…


Aboard the Chi-Z-Sox, Professor Hydious Gout managed to retain his breakfast long enough to issue a single command…


“Hard to port.” He said. Then helpfully added: “Full left rudder.”

Two of the ships co-creators – the brilliant young scientists, Clasp Gytnor and Gangies Phalangies…


…said: “Is that wise,Sir? That command makes no sense whatsoever.”

Gout couldn’t explain his logic: he just knew that a sharp turn to port would free his fragile craft from the sub-atomic grip of the wormhole.

“Yes it is.” He replied. He then added: “Question my ability to command again, and I stick my steel-capped space boots right up your rear end.”

Whilst this exchange of views was taking place, the Helmsplug had responded to the captain’s order. Amazingly this happened…


The Chi-Z-Sox was ejected from the wormhole. Unfortunately the violence incurred by the manoeuvre stalled the main drive…


…and the ship of space became interplanetary flotsam…


…as it drifted inert and helpless.

Doctor Putridity Gout rushed to her husband’s side…


“Oh, Hydious, dearest.” She inquired fearfully. “Where the heck are we?”

To allay his wife’s fears, Captain Gout consulted with the Astrogation Department…


…who responded with: “Aint got a flipping clue, Captain.”

Then Clasp Gytnor gasped…


“Prof,” he said breathlessly, “check out the main viewer.”


This time Astrogation were more helpful…


“It’s a sun,  Sir.” An engineer reported cheerfully. But he was a little less cheerful  when he made this addendum: “And we’re falling into it.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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