Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Fifteen)

In fact, as far as Crudlove was concerned, all the read-outs gave a clear indication that the situation was optimal…


And the measurable thawing of the museum’s exterior…


…pretty much confirmed the young blue earplug’s assessment of the situation.

But in the proper version of the museum, Ricky the maintenance engineer grew concerned…


“Argh,” he bellowed as he drew his co-worker’s attention to the main display screen, “we’re in ackipoo street – without a shovel. The Nul-Space generator is working at one hundred percent, but we’re only receiving fifty per cent of it. It’s as if something is draining the power before it reaches it’s ultimate destination.”

“Yikes.” Wolfgang responded. “The ice-cream machines will go ape. It’ll emerge from the nozzles all gooey and wet and drip down the front of earplug’s shirts. People will be furious!”

But whilst the maintenance crew fretted themselves towards a nervous breakdown, Fledgling and Crudlove had rejoined the others, and now strolled along an already warming corridor…


Buttox was in the middle of a comment about how it wasn’t as warm as she’d expected, and that she wished that she could find a scarf or something similar, when she spotted Bolah and Zak coming in the opposite direction.

“Oh, Bolah, Zak: I’m so thrilled that we’ve all survived this nightmare.” She squealed cheerfully as they met…


She also gave them both a big sloppy kiss – and secretly hoped that at least one of them would want to ‘go out with her’ when their adventure ended.

So it was a happy magnificent seven who strode away with such confidence and surety of their sustained future…


But when Zak and Bolah decided to stop off and cast a slightly more professional eye over the generator read-outs…


…red-lights began to spell DANGER. And when smoke started infiltrating from some far-off place…


…the sign of flatulence prohibition stencilled upon the wall, and began breaking wind uncontrollably in horror and with a sense of imminent doom.

© Paul Trevor Nolan



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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