Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Twelve)

The situation was grim. It was clear to Spodney and Fledgling that if Crudlove and Fulham didn’t revive quickly, it was likely that they never would. So they did something that neither of them would have thought themselves capable of only five minutes earlier. They kicked the youngsters right up the bum with their heavy hiking boots. Only a handful of minutes later…


…the startled young earplugs staggered behind Spodney and Fledgling to the outer wall of the annex. Feeling their way along through the dense snow, they discovered a service door…


Having pressed the brightly painted door bell, they were surprised to find that the door opened for them. Stepping inside…


…they were glad to be out of the wind, but slightly disturbed by the cool blue lighting.

“Creepy.” Crudlove opined.

“Could have been worse.” Fledgling responded. “It could have been purple.”

“Or black.” Crudlove observed. “This place has some power – albeit feeble and pathetic. How weird is that?”

But no one had the opportunity to respond because, echoing down a corridor, came: “Cooie, is that the wonderful Earplug Brothers come to save me?”

Moments later Buttox breezed into the foyer…


Initially surprised by the sight of the four young out-of-towners, Buttox quickly rallied and made best of an unexpected turn of events.

“Open minds.” She said, once they’d introduced themselves. “That could be exactly what we need. I don’t know this place at all well: how do you fancy exploring a bit?”

“Why not?” Crudlove replied. “You never know, we might find a halogen heater or something equally invigorating.”

So, whilst the snow storm raged outside…


…and the museum’s structure was buffeted by icy winds for which it had never been designed…


…Fledgling, Spodney, Fulham, and Crudlove began poking their collective nose into their new home…


© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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