Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Eleven)

Whilst Brother Hugo and Brother Austin took the time to reflect upon their impetuosity, far away in the Museum of Future Technology, the four young out-of-towners – Crudlove Twang, Fulham Peach, Fledgling McCormack, and Spodney Gridlock, had become friends, and now played on-line games together in Bazookas – one of the futuristic entertainment rooms…


And it was probably because their juvenile minds were engaged in what was basically a mindless activity that they received the telepathic summons from the far away Buttox.

A half-hour later, with their wallets lightened considerably by the exorbitant price of a Transfer Conduit ticket, the foursome arrived in pea-farming country…


“Ooh,” Spodney said nervously, “I aint never been farther from home than the next town. Have we travelled a really long way?”

“It’s hard to tell with Transfer Conduits.” Fulham replied. “There’s no sense of distance or passage of time.”

“Where do we go now?” Fledgling asked Crudlove.

Crudlove looked around for inspiration…


“Well,” she answered, “I suppose we’d better follow the instinct that brought us here. I feel an increase in altitude is required.”

Five minutes later…


…they’d hired a hot air balloon, and now trusted their luck to the prevailing wind.

Once airborne, Fledgling’s regretted Crudlove’s requirement for greater altitude, and he refused to look out of the window…


So he never witnessed the sight of endless pea-farming country spread out beneath him…

My beautiful picture

And he continued in this manner whilst feeling decidedly air-sick…


…until the balloon ditched in the snow-covered mountains…


Once they’d recovered their wits, rubbed their bruised knees, and slipped on some fur-lined underpants, Crudlove, Fledgling, Fulham, and Spodney stepped out into the storm…


Sadly they weren’t overly pleased with anything they found there. And when darkness fell…


…they began to wonder why they’d followed their youthful impulses. But when morning arrived, they were greeted with a sight…


…that gave them hope. The incessant winds had blown away much of the drifting snow – to reveal…


…the surface features of the vast edifice that Buttox had found hidden beneath the ice.

“Ugh?” Said Spodney, as the four young earplugs stumbled forward. “That looks like…”


“The Museum of Future Technology!” Crudlove shrieked so loudly that it drowned out the keening wind.”

“But that’s impossible.” Fledgling stammered through chattering teeth. “We just left it an hour or so ago.”

“We have to go there.” Fulham squealed. “Before we freeze our butts off!”

But as they approached an inviting annex that was relatively nearby…


…the younger couple’s resilience gave out, and the cold shut their brains down so quickly that they both lay down to sleep.

© Paul  Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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