Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Nine)

And Bolah wasn’t entirely wrong. Before long they discovered a walkway that was remarkably free of ice…


Although both earplugs were initially pleased to be walking on (what was obviously) a very futuristic material that defied description and was beyond their simple understanding; very quickly they became bored with the monotonous view.

“Flipping heck,” Zak complained, “this feels like a bloody treadmill, It’s like we’re walking, but getting nowhere.”

By remarkable coincidence, Buttox found herself in exactly the same situation…


But being fundamentally optimistic, the sheer distance involved with walking upon the luxurious material worried her not one jot.

“Yippie,” she said through cracked lips, “no nasty frostbite on my tootsies.”

Naturally the pathway wasn’t endless, and after a while the two former monks slipped into another region of the vast, mysterious edifice…


“You know, Zak,” Bolah said as  they entered, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say that vast expanse of ice we just covered could almost be…”

But he said no more, because just around an intersection they discovered…


“A futuristic urinal?” Zak squeaked in a high voice. “How can that be?”

It took a few moments for Bolah to find his voice. “There are only two places in which we would discover a futuristic urinal such as this. One of them is the future: the other is…”

“The Museum of Future Technology!” Zak blurted rudely. “But…but…”

“But how can this be the Museum of Future Technology?” Bolah asked Zak’s question for him. “It’s alive and well in Britain. This can’t be the museum: it must be a replica. The only question is – why would anyone recreate such a huge building on the side of a nondescript mountain in the middle of pea-farming country?”

“The cost would be astronomical.” Zak managed. “Do you think that urinal works? It looks awfully inviting.”

Buttox, meanwhile, had found the end of her section of pathway. Now she stood at a panoramic window and watched the moon illuminate the settled snow outside…


Having relieved themselves, Zak and Bolah moved on. They weren’t amazed to discover other pieces of equipment that belonged in the Museum of Future Technology…


“If only we had a dead android.” Bolah said. “We could see if this is the real thing or not.”

But Buttox was less questioning. She knew exactly where she was – even if it made no sense at all. Numbed both physically and mentally, the young former nun awaited the coming dawn…


“I’m so alone.” She whimpered. “I wish I had somebody who could explain this conundrum to me – and perhaps offer me the use of their warm, cosy coat, and maybe a hot water bottle. Oh, and some pop-socks. Pea soup would be nice too. And, of course, a microwave oven to warm it up.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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