Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Eight)

Whilst Dilbert and Gilman were luxuriating in hot water and freshly pressed caks, Hugo and Austin faced another snow squall…


Hugo grew angry. “Why is it that Dilbert and Gilman always get to visit the shopping mall and the cave dwelling? Why can’t we get the groceries sometimes?”

“Because,” Austin replied, “you’re a lazy bleeder  who gets out of breath at the mere thought of physical labour. If Dilbert and Gilman didn’t go, we’d starve to death by mid-afternoon.”

Hugo ‘harrumphed’ at this. “Yeah, well,” he grumbled, “at least they’ll get caught in the snow storm on the way back, so there is some justice.”

And he wasn’t wrong…


Worse still, the storm cooled the air so much that ice formed on the sentinel post’s outer surface…


…and snow partially blocked the only door. So Austin turned on the searchlight to help his fellow monks retrace their steps, which was just as well because Dilbert and Gilman were becoming disoriented by the changing climatic conditions…


But eventually the two missing monks made it back, and as the four monks huddled together to watch the worsening storm…


…they wondered if it were possible for earplugs to be any colder than they were at that precise moment, and still draw breath. Well, little did they know, but there was…


The emergency lighting may well have worked perfectly inside the mysterious edifice beneath the ice, but of any heating there was no sign. Zak and Bolah’s teeth chattered: their knees knocked: and their buttocks froze together so firmly that they couldn’t even release some warming gas into the air, into which they might thrust their fridged bodies.

Buttox wasn’t doing any better, as she began to wander aimlessly along mirrored corridors that confused and befuddled her…


But just as Zak and Bolah began to think that the corridors in their particular portion of the vast emporium actually stretched into infinity…


…they stepped through an opening – and discovered…


…a vast open plain.

“More ice.” Zak complained. “Just what we need.”

But Bolah was considerably less pessimistic. “I don’t know so much.” He said. “This could be a good sign.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan

P.S There’s an irony in this particular episode. All the exterior ‘snow’ scenes were shot in brilliant Spanish sunshine. Oh the genius of free on-line photo programs!




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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