Junior Earplug Adventures: Plunging into Peril (Part Six)

As Buttox proceeded further into the edifice that she’d found at the end of the ice tunnel…


…it occurred to her that whatever the building was used for, it retained a modicum of energy within its circuitry – at least enough to run emergency lighting. And it was this same minimal energy that saved Zak and Bolah. As the maintenance sled approached the opposite end of the  tunnel, sensors in the tunnel wall detected the vehicle’s speed, and automatically sent a message to the on-board engine management system, instructing it to shut down…


High above the mysterious and hitherto unsuspected facility beneath the mountain ice, midday had arrived at the monastery. Unfortunately so had a plague of locusts…


Fortunately their visit was fleeting. So five minutes later…


…two gardening monks invited themselves into the private quadrangle of their new Father Superior.

“You’re rubbish, you are.” One of them said to Mister Zinc as he and his android girlfriend, Blue, stepped into the winter sunshine. “Our old Father Superior would never have allowed a plague of locusts to decimate Lemon Stone’s botanical gardens.”

“Yeah, bum face.” The second gardener added. “Have you considered writing a letter of resignation?”

Blue was cybernetically shocked. She stepped forward to explain to the disgruntled monks that no Father Superior could hope to turn aside a swarm of locusts, and that the event was one of those once-in-a-lifetime sort of things. But before she could engage her oral capacity, Zinc spoke:

“Sod off, you little pink gits. If you don’t apologize this second I’ll have you both trussed up like bags of porridge oats, and thrown in the river. Get the picture?”

Meanwhile Zak and Bolah had staggered from the maintenance sled…


…and slipped and slithered across the slick icy floor. From there they slipped unseen into an apparently deserted facility…


“I dunno,” Zak said as his eyes took in the features about them, “but this place seems vaguely familiar.”

“I know what you mean.” Bolah replied. “It’s like we’ve been here before.”

Buttox had much the same sensation at the opposite end of the tunnel…


“How peculiar.” Her voice echoed down deserted corridors. “It’s almost as though I know my way around. Why, I do believe that just around this corner…”


But Buttox didn’t complete her line. She was struck dumb by shock. She’d known, for certain that the next corridor would  be mirrored. She remembered how she’d once looked at her twisted reflection in it, and had been surprised by the size of her nose.

Bolah and Zak were slightly less successful…


“Zak,” Bolah squealed. “This cold is have a detrimental effect upon my bulging bladder. Quickly, locate a lavatory: I wanna have a wee!” 

© Paul Trevor Nolan


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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