No, I’m not referring to those people who download my free giveaway books, but never buy any of the full price (but very inexpensive) versions. It’s  another type of cheapskate entirely I want to post about today. Recently my son discovered me trawling through a multitude of satellite channels in search of something interesting to watch for ten minutes whilst waiting for dinner. So he was present when I chanced upon an incredibly bad TV movie on the SyFy channel. I have no recollection of the title, which is probably just as well because I could hardly recommend a movie that uses a number of  these…


…bolted together to form the ‘futuristic’ interior of a scientific establishment. My son was apoplectic with indignation. “I hate cheapskate film makers who dress up everyday items like pallets. It just shows how crap they are!” I responded with a less-than-enthusiastic, “Yeah, bastards.” I couldn’t say much more; I’d have been hypocritical. You see, I’ve done EXACTLY the same as that cash-strapped movie producer. Check out the following shots…

dodger waitsjul23 008

curators on blue frameworkDSCF9956  


The difference, of course, is that my usage of everyday items is entirely justified: I have to produce the Earplug Adventures on a virtual zero budget!


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