2017 Calendar. Shout Yippie…

… coz the 2017 Junior Earplug Adventures calendar is now available at Lulu.com!


By God it’s good! It includes twelve fabulous shots from the books – one of which looks like this…

aug9 002

…and it can be yours (or a loved one’s) in time for Christmas and the New Year. Isn’t that bloody wonderful? I think so. I’ve already ordered mine.

P.S Visit Lulu now. Use the preview facility to see every photo. It’s a bit like test-riding a Yamaha: you’re bound to want to buy it.



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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4 Responses to 2017 Calendar. Shout Yippie…

  1. Jayne higgs says:

    Oh yes,why not.I suppose it makes a change from,flowers,birds,scenery.Look nice on my kitchen wall…

  2. Jayne higgs says:

    Yes,yes.That would look lovely in my husbands workshop.The only thing is though, he would probably stick darts in it each month

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