Helping Hand

Recently my wife bought a leg of lamb. When she opened the wrapping she discovered that the sawn end of the leg bone had been inserted into a plastic cone – presumably to avoid piercing the wrapping. But when she took it out she was inspired. “Ooh, Tooty would like this.” She said. She wasn’t wrong.

Meet mild-mannered Gary Fluffkins. He works in a secret lab…


…in which he becomes exposed to radiation. On the way home that night he stubs his toe as he climbs aboard the mag-lift train. He is slightly annoyed, but thinks nothing of it – until a fellow passenger laughs at him. Then he grows slightly miffed. In fact he becomes very miffed. Dangerously so – and transforms into…


Big, isn’t he? I think I might have a new character.



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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4 Responses to Helping Hand

  1. Jayne Higgs says:

    The incredible green hulk plug.I wonder what happens when he gets angry. He’s brilliant

  2. I love it! You and your wife both have brilliantly creative minds.

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