Photography: Who Needs Megapixels When You Have a Good Lens?

I ask that question because when I stopped in traffic recently I had plenty of time to pick up the three small compact cameras that were living in my glove box at the time, and take three photos of the same thing. Not for fun exactly (though snapping merrily usually is fun – or at least it should be), but just to see if the number silk-printed proudly upon the camera body actually means much. And here they are…

on f30

This was snapped on a Fujifilm F30 of 2010 vintage, on standard settings of 12.2 megapixels. The next was shot on a 2006 Fujifilm A500 of 5 megapixels…

on a500

Can’t say that these eyes spot much difference between the two. I fact I can’t spot any difference. I suspect, though, that under several different circumstances (e.g poor light or close-ups) the F30 would produce more reliable pictures. But when I uploaded the third picture to my laptop I was most surprised…

Is it me, or is that piccie every bit as good as the others? Better maybe? The camera? A 2003 Olympus boasting a mighty 4 megapixels. Which suggests that it doesn’t really matter how many pixels are involved, just as long as your camera has an excellent lens. Now I wonder how good a shot from my 3 megapixel 2001 Sony Cybershot would have looked. Bloody fabulous probably. There might even have been towering mountains in the distance, and twinkling wavelets with brightly-coloured sailboats in the bay! 



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8 Responses to Photography: Who Needs Megapixels When You Have a Good Lens?

  1. earnestern says:

    Megapixels, mega marketing twaddle. Anything over 5 is a complete waste of storage space unless you’re doing massive prints. Lens quality wins every time.

  2. drdrdog says:

    Look at that! I have no experience or knowledge when it comes to cameras, but I always thought the picture quality was down entirely to the megapixels. Learn something new everyday I guess…

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