Photography: Value for Money and the Modern Era

I’m surprised that when digital cameras first appeared they weren’t dismissed as rich people’s play things. Or maybe they were. I wouldn’t know: I wasn’t aware of them until they’d become established. But I recall that when I did make the discovery, in the shape of a very basic Medion single focus camera that was a gift from my son, the ‘experts’ were predicting that digital would never become the weapon of choice for serious photographers, and doubted that they would ever ‘catch on’ with the public in general. For a start they were just so damned expensive, and didn’t take particularly good photos! Take a look at two cameras from my collection. Two very dissimilar cameras that cost (when they were new) exactly the same price . The Sony HX400 hails from 2016: the Olympus μ 400 from 2003…

13 years apart

They are worlds apart in capability, but cost the same price. In thirteen years the digital camera has come a long way, and they are now in the hands of occasional snappers, fashion photographers, and paparazzi alike – and just about everyone else on the planet – mostly in the form of cell phones. One of mankind’s better ideas, so think I. Up there with fire, the wheel, concrete, and VCRs. The price? That’d be two hundred and fifty Great British Pounds. 


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