Photography: Fast Reactions and a Big Zoom

I have posted several articles concerning point-and-shoot photography – most notably about zoom lenses. I think the first one featured a snap of my local church tower as shot from the opposite side of the valley in which my home village squats like a defecating toad, taken with my recalcitrant (and ultimately doomed) Fujifilm SL300 . Unfortunately the original appears to have been deleted from my WordPress file, my computer, my laptop, and my external hard drive – probably as a result of the depression I was suffering at the time. So (annoyingly) I can’t re-post it here. Suffice to say that it was easy to read the time on the  church clock, and showed what an X30 zoom facility could do. Well recently I stood in the same place; wound out the  lens on my X50 Sony HX400; and snapped this…

aug6b 017

Not too shabby for a hastily snapped piccie from at least a half-kilometre distant. But where the later camera really scores over the Fujifilm is it’s auto-focus speed. The older camera couldn’t possibly have snapped either of the following piccies: by the time it had found the subject, the bird would have flown – both metaphorically and actually. I know this to be true; it happened all the bloody time!

peered at by a house martin

House Martin giving me the evil eye.

willow warbler

Willow Warbler unaware of my presence.

The latter photo particularly pleased me because I wasn’t aware that I’d caught it until I uploaded it to the computer. The HX400’s one obvious failing: the view finder image is a low resolution digital representation of what the camera sees, and is therefore…to use the technical term…complete arse. But in every other respect I love my Sony – even though (for close-ups) I still carry my Nikon too…

aug6c 020

Ah, summer – were it not so damned brief!     


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