Photography: Duh – These Megapixels Sure Do Confuse the Heck Outta Me!

Megapixels: the more the better, right? Well I don’t know; and I don’t know how the camera decides how many of it’s alloted megapixels it is going to use when I press the shutter button either. Here’s a case in point. I stood rooted to the spot and took this picture of a bluebell on a grassy bank using a 5 megapixel Kodak C503 using its maximum X3 optical zoom…


My computer tells me that the resulting picture measures  up at 1.27 megabytes. I then repeated the act with a 12.2 Mp Fujifilm J30 – also on the largest X3 zoom…


This very similar picture weighs in at a whopping 5.37 megabytes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see where the Fuji shot is 4.1 megabytes better. It’s like comparing a 50cc Mahindra moped with a Yamaha R6. I think I’d notice the difference there. 

Well, any way, I then used a 16Mp Nikon L830, using it’s X24 zoom to take this picture of the same bluebell from the exact same spot…


Not unreasonably the megabyte count rises to 6.14. Well it would – wouldn’t it? Actually I’m not so sure; because when I took the following picture with a 20.4Mp Sony HX400V using all of the available x50 zoom…


…the megabytes used plummeted to a measly 3.49. That’s getting on for half the Nikon; considerably less than the Fujifilm; and not massively more than the ancient Kodak.

Call me a simpleton and a technophobe, but ‘what gives, man?’


About Tooty Nolan

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