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Country Life: No Thru Road

This road was opened temporarily to allow local inhabitants access to their driveways and garages at the weekend. Obviously a delivery truck driver thought that included him!

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Spoiler Alert: How it’s Done 2

Remember this fabulous shot of the death squad from ‘Cold War’? How was it done? Well rather easily actually. I took three of my standard orange end cap figures; stuck some sticky-back plastic cut outs on them to create masks; … Continue reading

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Writing Can Be Damned Hard Work

I’ve been trying to write the very-much delayed third book in my Causality Merchant series for simply ages. And, you know, I’m finding it damned hard work. It’s not that the words won’t come, or that the story is incomplete. … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert: How it’s Done 1

Remember this charming shot from Worstworld, in which the Earplug Brothers are accompanied by the United Stoats 7th Cavalry to the plugmutt stockade? Well here they are on set… Gosh – what a convincing desert fortress! Sadly dispensed with afterwards, … Continue reading

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Wallpaper 246: Emerging From the Grass

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Tea Leaf Art

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but occasionally I’ll use a photo in the Earplug Adventures that looks a little…different. This one, for example… It represented a pair of depth charges exploding beneath the sea. I’ve also used the same … Continue reading

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Photography: Duh – These Megapixels Sure Do Confuse the Heck Outta Me!

Megapixels: the more the better, right? Well I don’t know; and I don’t know how the camera decides how many of it’s alloted megapixels it is going to use when I press the shutter button either. Here’s a case in … Continue reading

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