Nook Vs Kindle (again)

Technically I know nothing of either. I don’t own an e-reader (despite the fact that I write e-books). But I know what I like. I like the e-reader whose users buy my e-books. So, having said that, I checked out my latest sales figures at Lulu (always a bit delayed – don’t know why), and it was business as usual. Nook users buy – the extremely nicely priced – ‘Silent Apocalypse‘ and ‘Silent Resistance‘ at Barnes & Noble: Kindle users download the free copy of ‘Earplug Adventures: The Museum of Future Technology’ from Amazon. Well what can you say – except, “Come on, guys; buck the trend!” Actually I take that back: Nook users just keep on doing what you’re doing.

the museum of future technology cover  Silent Resistance final cover

P.S If you’re perusing, don’t forget to check out this: Barnes & Noble show the first few pages of every book as a taster…

psychic historian cover 2013 final


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