A Teeny-Weeny Sample from ‘Silent Resistance’

This book is one of my better sellers…

Silent Resistance final cover

Here’s a snippet from it. And, no, it’s neither funny nor rude.

“It reminds me of home.” Shane had said when she first discovered one of the foil wrapped food parcels.
“Your parents fed you military rations?” Dexter had asked incredulously.
“Nah, I didn’t mean that, you middle-sized dope.” She responded. “I mean it reminds me of stuff that’s made in factories – by people – by grown-ups. It reminds me of a time when everything was normal. If I close my eyes I can just pretend…”
She let the thought and the words trail away. No one felt compelled to speak – except Colin, who was in one of his more morose moods.
“It won’t change nothing.” He’d said gruffly. “You can close your eyes and pretend all you want; but when the stuff runs out you won’t be able to pretend nothing: If you can’t grow stuff, or kill something, you’ll starve.”
“Oh thank you very much.” Kylie then said to Colin, “What a rosy picture of the future you paint for us all. I think we’d all figured that out for ourselves. But this is now; so cheer up you old misery, and enjoy the food while you can.”
Jason had volunteered to go ‘top side’ and keep watch, but I’d denied him access to the outside world, and without the necessary codes that only I knew he was trapped. I’d explained to him that we had nothing to gain from going outside; and if he were to be captured we had everything to lose.
“How’d ya know I’d be captured?” He asked – rather stupidly I thought.
“How’d ya know ya wouldn’t?” Shane had responded upon my behalf.
“Yeah,” her best friend Dexter backed her up, “you aint got no idea what things they got to make you talk: You’d spill your guts two minutes after they grabbed ya.”
Jason bristled, but he recognised the truth when he heard it, and altered his line of reasoning.
“Ya can’t lock me up against my will.” He’d shouted at me. “It’s still a free country ya know!”
I took umbrage at this last statement.
“No it’s not!” I yelled at him in an embarrassingly high pitch. “This isn’t England anymore.” I then added with almost equal vehemence. “It’s just real estate. The whole world is!”
“In any case,” Karen had said almost too calmly after all the raised voices, “Felicity holds the keys to the castle; so why don’t we all relax a while and enjoy the coming fireworks.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan.

A sample chapter is available to read beneath the header photo ↑


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