Wallpaper 199: The Cold Trudge Home


the long trudge home


Am I an Author or a Photographer?

Or am I a fool?

I may have mentioned that I’m currently trying to write the third book in my Causality Merchant series, tentatively entitled Broker Me No Future. Well it’s coming along quite nicely – if a little slow. At the time of posting this I’m on page eighty of the freehand draft. I’d probably be nearerĀ  to one hundred and twenty if…IF…I didn’t keep pausing to do this…

ktwoo engine room

Yes, for crying out loud, I’m also dabbling in another Earplug tale. No storyline; no real ideas; just sudden bouts of inspiration when my gaze falls upon potential sets, props, and locations. This, incidentally, is the bridge of the KT Woo – Worstworld’s first interplanetary craft. Did I say that I had no real ideas? I lied. The Worstworlder’s are going into space! Hey, maybe Lilac Earthdamsel and Byron Whipsnaid can carry on their relationship between the stars. But I’m getting ahead of myself: there’s a certain novel that needs writing first. Excuse me, my writing hand awaits…