Tooty Nolan: International Author

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s international, which means that anyone blogging on it is too. But what about fiction book writers, like wot I is? Well recently I Googled myself – just to see how many retail outlets are selling my books. And guess what: I’m an international author. It’s not just retailers in the UK and North America that sell my books: retailers like these…

nov5 014

…and these…

nov5 010

…but REALLY international stuff like this…

nov5 017

…and this…

nov5 004

…and THIS…

nov5 019

Not quite world domination yet; but it’s a start. And now you know that there really isn’t any excuse for not buying at least one of my books!

tooty writes



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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