Portrait Gallery 35: Alone in the Woods


deer alone


Photography: How Many Megapixels Does One Need to Shoot in Fog?

Well, judging by the following photos, it seems that it really doesn’t matter. If you have autofocus, it’s gonna come out crap either way. Here’s a shot of a horse in a field, caught with a 5mp Fujifilm of 2006 vintage…

nov1 003

I could see the animal clearly – even with my specs coated with a fine veneer of mist. My tiddly Fujifilm couldn’t. So I dug out my 2014 Nikon with 16mp capability…

nov1a 003

When I saw the result I shook the camera, and threatened to kick the shit out of it if it didn’t do better next time. Obviously it wasn’t listening because it rewarded me with this…

nov1a 004

…which was pretty crummy, I think you’ll agree, and little better (if at all) than the Fujifilm’s effort…

nov1 007

No, I didn’t assault my Nikon: it can take quite nice photos – when the light is right. God, I hate autofocus!