My Little Corner of the World

I’ve stated before, in posts dating back at least three years, that I’ve been fortunate enough to have moved back to the village of my childhood after over three decades absence. So, three years on, I felt some of that joy return as I realised how lucky I was to be in a position to take this picture posted on A Writer’s Photographs…


This scene was shot five minutes (walking briskly without chihuahuas) from my door – or ten if I break into a run.

“Duh?” I hear you say. “Five minutes away, but ten if he runs? What twaddle Tooty do’th speak!”

Well here’s the reason. Here’s this little corner of my world placed into perspective against the slightly larger little corner of the world…

corner of feild

I live at the bottom of the hill. You try running against gravity: I nearly collapse if I try running. And I certainly wouldn’t be capable of holding a camera straight!