Please, God – Not Another Distraction!

Many have been the times when I have lamented my inability to write my books because of distractions. They are multifarious, and generally unavoidable. But recently I have created a distraction all my own, and for that I award myself the Total Tit of the Week award.

It all started so innocently. I was bored at work. You know how it is sometimes. Things get a little quiet, and the mind is apt to wander. I was just walking along when I found a handful of ear plugs. You know – the sort that defend your ears from loud noises. I noticed that they were pink and (quite frankly) rather penis-like. So, like any adult approaching his fifty-eighth birthday, I took one and drew a glans upon it. Then I added a simple face – and ,oh dear, I’d created a monster – because I fetched a few more, and these were born…

annoyed ear plugs

…and in doing so have reduced my writing time by at least half. Now I can’t keep my fingers out of my box of bits…

bits & pieces

…as my juvenile imagination finds new inspirations in all sorts of places – like here….

shooting earplugs

Here I’m setting up a shot of Rudi and Valentine at the controls of a flying saucer. And here’s the result…

using control panel

Don’t you just love the way their faces are illuminated by the ‘screen’?

I have to admit it – this is awfully addictive.

It’s a pity that my readers don’t feel the same way. Or maybe it isn’t: at this rate I’ll never get anything written!


One thought on “Please, God – Not Another Distraction!

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