Photography: So How Many Million Pixels Do You REALLY Need?

Size, it seems, matters. I’m not talking about willies, boobs, cars, houses, bank accounts, or suchlike here; I’m talking about cameras – specifically digital cameras. The greater number of pixels (it also seems), the better. So today I put that assertion to the test. I took three Fujifilm Finepix cameras out for a walk in the country. A 5.1 million pixel A500; a 12.2 million pixel J30; and a 14 million pixel SL300. The mainstays of my Flickr page, and my photography in general (I’m a point and shoot merchant; I wouldn’t know what to do with clever stuff) Here are the results. It was a drab morning; the sun was having considerable difficulty breaking through the cloud cover.


5.1 long


12.2 long


14 long

Hmmm, well the difference isn’t quite as great as I would have expected. How about another three piccies…


5.1 million


12.2 million


14 million

Yeah, well, okay. But as far as I’m concerned, the biggest difference was in the time it took for these piccies to upload. The A500 took a while: With the J30 I felt that I was in danger of deep vein thrombosis: And regarding the SL300 – well I was beginning to suspect that the planet had been captured in the event horizon of a black hole, and that time had actually stopped.

So in conclusion…well decide for yourself. I took this photo on a measly 3.1 million pixel camera – and apart from the out-of-focus horses (deliberate, I assure you), I don’t think it’s at all half-bad…

late summer scene

I’ve always said that size doesn’t matter: But then again I would.


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